London on 3rd May 2011

On Tuesday, the 3rd May, we had the opportunity to discover London within the framework of our classes of English and geography. Our train from Namur to Brussels left early in the morning. We continued the trip with two hours of Eurostar and when arriving in London, we travelled with the underground to go from one district to another one. We first went to ‘the City’. It’s the place where all the businessmen work. Afterwards, we went to the impressive Tower of London and we took some pictures of ‘Tower Bridge’. Each time, the teachers gave us explanations in English about the worth seeing places and monuments. At twelve o’clock, we had some free time to eat and to do some shopping in Oxford Street which is the place to be in London.

At 14.30, we had to meet at Piccadilly Circus. We were all there with our purchases in our hands, looking at the vast screens. We walked until Trafalgar Square where we admire Admiral Nelson and his ship. We then walked until the horse guards where we took very nice and funny pictures. We discovered ‘Downing Street’, that’s the street where the Prime Minister lives. Then we saw some essential places like ‘The Houses of Parliament’ and Big Ben (The Clock Tower). We also had a walk through St James’s Park where there were a lot of squirrels. We arrived in front of Buckingham Palace where the royal wedding had taken place a few days before. There was the flag that announced the presence of the Queen. Unfortunately we could only admire the guards.

The last hour of our day was free. Some of us went to discover Abbey Road and its famous crossing and others went to finish their shopping. We took the Eurostar back at 6.30, local time. Everyone agreed about it: it was a really nice day to be together, an amazing experience where we had the opportunity to discover the English culture and where we could speak English with natives.

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Professeurs organisateurs : Mme Mathieu & Mme Denil


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