A day in London

4.30 a.m. The wakeup call rang in the silence of this early morning. It was so early to begin the day. Going to London, what a silly idea! We found everybody at the station, pupils, Ms Mathieu and Ms Denil, to catch the train to Brussels. Some of us were still sleeping and the others had a sleepy face. In Brussels South, we had to check our handbags, ID and tickets. Unfortunately, we lost a classmate who had forgotten his ID. It was such a pity.
7.54 a.m. The Eurostar started on time. We were calmly sitting, as usual! The train left Belgium, went through France and entered the famous shuttle under the Channel. No fishes behind the windows, neither water, just the darkness for 20 minutes... Not really exciting in fact!
9.00 a.m. We arrived at St Pancras station, the beautiful and international station of London. The first steps for the majority of the students in this reputated town. And the first impressions with the huge network of the underground. Ms Denil showed us the City, the business part of London with its banks and offices. Then, we went to the gorgeous Tower Bridge, walking along the Thames. On the other bank, we discovered the Tower of London ans its ravens.Afterwards, we came back with the tube in the center, in Oxford Street and its famous stores: Abercrombie, Starbucks, Topshop, Burger KIng and so on. Mr Mathieu loves English books so much that she lost herslef in Waterstone's, the boggest bookshop that I had ever seen.
2.14 p.m. We left Piccadily Circus to go to Trafalgar Square. But suddenly, it began to rain, It really was pouring. Two umbrellas for 30 persons were not enough: we ran to shelter into the National Gallery.  And the visit went on. We went in front of Davis Cameron's house: 10 Downing Street. And then Big Ben, London Eye, the Houses of Parliament followed. We then went into St James Park. The sun was coming back and we saw a squirrel. At the end of the park, we found Buckingham Palace and its so serious guards. The Union Jack was floating on the roof: the Queen was at home!
4.06 p.m. We returned in the center, walking down the Mall, which is a long road like the Champs Elysées in Paris. It was tea time and we enjoyed our last minutes in the capital city of the United Kingdom, a little shopping, listening to the British accent everywhere, talking with our marvellous teachers and a last Starbucks' coffee.
5.03 p.m. Almost everybody was on time to catch the final line. The two late comers were girls who loved shopping too much. At the station we began all the controls again.
6.35. p.m. The Eurostar left St Pancras. It brought with it 27 delighted students, 2  tired teachers, our purchases and the memories of a wonderful day. By Bye London, we will see you again, promised!
Adeline de Wilde 6C


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