Visit of coca-cola by the 6TQTIAA


As part  of the English and the scientific courses, the students of the food industry section of the CNDP went to Wilrijk to visit the Coca Cola Company. They had the opportunity to go round a company which has been present in our country for more than 50 years, refreshing consumers with more than 500 sparkling and still brands. Led by Coca-Cola, the Company's portfolio features Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Coca-Cola Zero, vitaminwater, Powerade, Minute Maid, Simply and Georgia and so on. Globally, they are the No. 1 provider of sparkling beverages, juices and juice drinks. The students discovered that with an enduring commitment to building sustainable communities, the Company is focused on initiatives that reduce the environmental footprint, support active, healthy living, create a safe, inclusive work environment for the associates, and enhance the economic development of the communities where they operate. They were shown the drink processing and the infrastructure of a company which is present in over 200 countries or territories and serves 1.6 billion servings each day.

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